Farm Tours

Farm Tours

We’re excited to announce our expansion is under way and construction has begun! We’re going to triple is size and quadruple our production, and that means the farm is a construction zone until the end of the year. Unfortunately we need to stop public tours at this time, but we hope you’ll come visit when our construction is complete! Stay tuned for more updates and an official press release.

Seeing is believing, and there is a lot to see at Solutions Farms. We have one of the largest aquaponics facilities in the region. Whether your interest is in organic farming, aquaculture, aquaponics, ecology, fish cultivation, or integrated pest management, you will find a visit to Solutions Farms an intriguing experience.

Aquponics Consulting Services and Workshops

We’ve done the hard work of building an innovative facility. You can learn from our success (and a few of our mistakes) at a Solutions Farms workshop, or by retaining us as consultants.

Whether your proposed (or existing) aquaponics project is small, medium, or large there is a lot to learn from Solutions Farms. What you learn can save you time, money, and disappointment. A small investment of time and money will be rapidly repaid.

Docent Programs

Being a tour docent at Solutions Farms is an opportunity to be part of an exciting social enterprise venture that is an educational platform for children and adults. As a docent, you will be fully trained and then will lead tours for school and youth groups, civic groups, and individuals who are eager to learn more about Solutions Farms.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

If being a docent doesn’t do it, don’t despair. Your interest and enthusiasm are on our “most wanted” list. We have a wide range of volunteer needs, from helping pick and pack to using your specialized knowledge and skills to assisting with office tasks.

For more information about any of our tours or programs, contact us at 760.295.1437.